I came in last year for the Migraine study. OMG!!!!!  It HAS changed my life. I was a chronic migraine sufferer… my only hope is for a breakthrough medication that can give me my life back.  I suffer from 15+ migraines a month and this new medication brought it down to 2 or 3!  It is such a game changer. 2017

I had been to PRI before and was very pleased with the care given.  I trust my nurse completely with my health/life. 2017

My nurse was absolutely wonderful and I will miss her. 2017

I was looking for answers. 2017

The nurse and the clinic experience was lovely… Also, the convenience and compensation influenced my decision to participate. 2017

Great presentation! I signed up then. 2017

An honor to participate in your program and to work with the nurse. 2017

Compensation, low risk and contributing to medical pharmacology. 2017

Very thorough with testing, always on time with appointments. 2017

Thank you very much!  Let me know if I can participate in any other study. 2017

Important study for an important, needed supplement/medication. 2017

I wanted assistance with binge eating. 2017

My wife’s doctor, my wife’s health and welfare and the love for my wife influenced our decision to participate. 2017

I wanted to “be well again. Be my old but new self. 2017

I am looking forward and have interest in participating in future studies I may be eligible for because my experience here was so great! 2016

I could not have asked for a better outcome. The Staff were great. 2016

The whole crew is very personable, honest, and compassionate. They're wonderful to work with. 2016

The NP was professional courteous and considerate of my scheduling and inquisitor needs. Exemplary client experience. 2016

Everyone at the office was so nice and caring, I would be happy to do another study! I was always in good hands there! 2016

I was listened to and treated great. The Research Nurse is patient, thorough, and awesome! 2016

Thank you providing quality health services in this difficult time. 2016

The professionalism and opportunity to receive a pre-market treatment. I have tried almost all other options. 2015

Can't say enough good things about the experience, especially the Staff who were most helpful and friendly. Would love to participate in another study! 2015

Very Well Managed Study, Positive Outcome, Pleasant Staff. 2014

I feel like they really had my best interest at heart. 2013