Treatment Resistant Depression



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There are Many Faces of Depression. Are You Finding it Difficult to Achieve an Effective Treatment?

Are you currently taking an antidepressant but your symptoms haven't improved much? You still don't feel like yourself?  Or maybe your depression treatment isn't working at all? It could be Treatment Resistant Depression.

There are many widely prescribed and very effective antidepressants; however, no one medication works well for everyone.  Some people don’t experience a complete or adequate response from their antidepressant.

If you have made the effort to get help for your depression and you’re just not getting better, it can be demoralizing.  Treatment Resistant Depression can leave you feeling hopeless.  If your depression treatment isn’t working, don’t give up. Many people can get their Treatment Resistant Depression under control.

Pharmacology Research Institute has conducted a number of medication research studies designed to achieve improved relief of Treatment Resistant Depression.



PRI has extensive experience in conducting medication research studies for Treatment Resistant Depression.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age and in generally good health.
  • Women who may be pregnant or nursing a child are not appropriate candidates for research studies at PRI.

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