Enrollment Process Questions

Enrollment Process Questions

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When you call PRI, you will go through a list of questions with a PRI staff member. The questions will include:

  • Your age
  • The symptoms you are experiencing and their duration
  • Current treatments and medications for your symptoms
  • Any medical conditions you are aware of
  • Current medications/vitamins/herbs you take for any reason
  • Alcohol/drug use
  • Your contact information
  • You will need a photo ID

Based on the information provided during this introductory telephone screening, the PRI staff member will preliminarily determine if you may qualify for and possibly benefit from participation in a PRI Research Medication Program. If so, then an appointment for a no cost evaluation with a PRI board certified physician and/or clinical nurse specialist/nurse practitioner will be scheduled at the office nearest you! 

No Cost Clinical Evaluation

At your no cost (confidential) initial evaluation, a board certified physician and/or clinical nurse specialist/nurse practitioner will review with you your medical history, the symptoms you are experiencing and any medications you are currently taking. You will be asked many questions about your feelings and you may be asked to complete self-evaluation questionnaires. The board certified physician will review your medical/psychological information and determine your eligibility for participation.

Once your condition has been diagnosed and your eligibility has been confirmed from a medical perspective, several clinical safety assessments may be performed before you are actually entered into the study. These health evaluations generally consist of lab work (i.e. blood & urine specimens) and an ECG (electrocardiogram – a tracing of your heart activity). These laboratory procedures are all completed at the PRI office nearest you by PRI clinical nurse specialists/nurse practitioners and board certified physicians. For your safety, all screening/qualification procedures must be completed prior to your entry into a PRI Research Medication Program.

Partners in Research

PRI offers many different Research Medication Programs. Selectivity and care are taken to place participants in studies that are most tailored to their individual needs. Once a patient starts on study medication, appointments are generally scheduled as frequently as once a week. At each visit you will discuss with the doctor and/or nurse how you are feeling, any safety procedures will be performed, unused study medication will be returned and participants will be provided with medication to last until the next visit. This routine will be repeated throughout the duration of the study.


At the conclusion of participation in a study, PRI offers a no cost AfterCare Program to patients. During AfterCare, patient appointments are scheduled with a PRI board certified physician and treatment medication is provided at no cost to you for a specified period of time.