No Cost Consultation

No Cost Consultation

What’s in this for me?

The value of good mental health cannot be overstated. Why do we have physical exams when we feel okay? For the same reasons we change the oil in our cars or change the air filters on our heaters at home. Prevention is a major benefit from preventative efforts. 

Millions of people feel “normal” and have no idea that silent diseases, such as hypertension and cancer, are actively developing or worsening. Similarly, millions of people feel that it is their destiny to see the world as gray or gloomy; while many others lose precious years worrying or feeling nervous ~ all the while thinking that because “it’s normal for them” it is in fact normal. This belief can result in significant challenges at work, in school and in personal relationships as well. However, after treatment, many times it is nothing short of amazing to see the transformation in one’s life when one sees the world as they have not seen it in years --- or perhaps never before.

How will I benefit?

Often times people seek professional consultations at PRI and no diagnosis is rendered at all; instead, people leave having gained insights into their own situation which, in turn, enables them to do their own problem-solving. Additionally, the outcome from a confidential consultation [or mental health “check-up”] can be extremely reassuring; moreover, you may have mild or faint symptoms which you can correct as a result of having seen an objective, well-trained, experienced professional. Furthermore, while you may have a number of seemingly vague complaints [such as “feeling tired” much of the time], as a result of our medical and psychiatric interview we may be able to help you identify medical causes of problematic symptoms.

What will I have learned?

A confidential consultation at PRI gives you options and there is no cost to you and no insurance is required. It’s not a sales meeting and there’s no selling. Our goal is to provide a skillful evaluation resulting in professional recommendations; then, it’s up to you! You may decide that one of PRI’s studies is a good opportunity for you to obtain confidential and no-cost-to-you assistance. Or, you may decide to pursue some treatment options within the community, vis-à-vis your employer or perhaps from an insurance provider. Lastly, you may also decide to do nothing; nonetheless, you will have gained insight into your personal situation and the potential for feeling better!

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